Wilson Triad XP 3 Tennis Racquet


4 1/84 1/8
4 1/44 1/4
4 3/84 3/8
Vendor: Wilson SKU: 887768615796

The Wilson XP 3 is a very comfortable oversized tennis racquet, ideal for beginner to intermediate level tennis players looking for an arm-friendly racquet with tremendous power. The Triad tradition continues to offer one of the best dampening technology systems on the market. Wilson makes vibration dampening possible with the use of a 3-piece racquet system to separate hoop and handle with firmer Isozorb pads, providing ideal power and feel. The generous113 square inch head size offers players a large and forgiving hitting surface, excellent for easy power generation and assistance on the offcentered hit. The open 16x18 string pattern feels plush and lively as players brush up for topspin or slice through the ball for a low approach to the net. The extended length of 27.25 inches helps to increase leverage and reach, allowing more power at contact even when timing is less than perfect. From the first serve to the put-away winner and anywhere in between, this sturdy frame allows greater stability due to the 3 points head heavy balance. The XP's Power Profile Frame Geometry produces ultimate power at a lighter weight of 9.2 ounces unstrung, keeping this plush model very maneuverable for a head heavy racquet. At the baseline, players with short to medium compact swings are rewarded with great penetration and depth to keep their opponents on the move. The Wilson XP 3 is a very popular choice for beginner to intermediate competitors seeking a powerful and forgiving tennis racquet with great stability and comfort.

  • Grip Size 1-3
  • Head Size 113 sq in
  • Cross Section 25.3-29-25.5mm DTB
  • Weight 9.2 oz / 261 g
  • Length 27.5 in - 69.9 cm
  • Ballance 36CM/3 Pts HH
  • String Pattern 16x18
  • String Tension 50-60 Pounds
  • Racquet Colors Blue/Silver
  • Model Number WRT73_781U
  • Item# WRT73781U

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Grip Size

4 1/8, 4 1/4, 4 3/8