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5 Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners

3/10/2021 - Staff Writer - Racquets & Paddles

Photo by Jill Rose 

 If you are new to the game of Tennis, then you will certainly want to pick out your own racquet to bring with you to your next lesson or match. However, the best tennis racquet for beginners is different from what an advanced player will be looking for.

As a beginner, here are a few tips for you to pick out the best racquet for you in the early stages of your tennis career.

1. Head Size: Bigger Frame Means Better Ball Contact

Even a new player who comes in with a good degree of athleticism and experience in other racquet sports will deal with a learning curve when it comes to precision swings in the game of tennis.

For that reason, a larger head size is recommended for beginners. This head size directly translates to a larger “sweet spot” on the strings.

Until your skills develop more fully, you will appreciate the forgiving nature of a larger racquet head size with more square inches of strings in comparison to smaller frames with fewer square inches of strings that you will see most pros use.

The larger head size will make it easier to hit the ball. A head size can vary and they will impact the type of racquet you select. Look at head sizes first.

2. Head Heavy vs. Head Light Tennis Racquets

When selecting the right tennis racquet the question of the racquet balance comes up.

Head Heavy Tennis Racquets

This means the tennis racquet has its weight somewhat tilted toward the top of the racquet. For intermediate players or advanced players this might generate more power.

Head Light Racquets

If the weight of the racquet is more toward the grip it is head light. This should help with control for the new tennis player. But power is compromised.

When trying to find the best tennis racquet for beginner adults there is need for power and control. Finding a tennis racquet that is balanced is a wise course.

3. Overall Weight: Bigger is Not Necessarily Better

On the flip side, a larger racquet doesn’t have to equal more racquet weight. In fact, it shouldn’t.

Most beginners should aim for a lighter racquet that is less than 11 ounces. Simply put, a lighter racquet is easier to play the game with.

Once you have built up the specific muscles needed for a powerful swing, you might choose to increase the overall weight of the racquet accordingly.

The materials in a frame will influence weight. For someone new to the game, the frame material is only important insofar as how durable it is.

Racquets use aluminum, graphite, fiberglass and other materials. A brand new tennis player will not need the most expensive frame to get the ball on the strings.

4. Don't Over Do Tennis Racquet Grip Size

While grip size is somewhat a matter of preference rather than skill, if you are a newer player, then you might not know what your preference is just yet. Our guide will give you all the advice you need on this.

When ordering your first racquet, you should err on the small size for the grip. If it turns out to feel too small for your liking, you can always add layers of overgrip to increase the size. However, if you order a grip too large, there is nothing to be done but deal with it or purchase a new tennis racquet.

5. Go Easy with String Tension

When it comes to tennis strings tension, the best advice is to leave it to the experts. Have your racquet strung with a relatively inexpensive string and request the tension to match the manufacturers recommendation.

For beginners to play the game of tennis, getting the ball to strike the strings comes first. Whether the strings create less power and more control or more power and less control does not determine which racquet is best.

Pre Strung Racquets for Beginners

Many, if not most beginners shopping for a starter racquet will buy them pre strung. This is a real money saver and a good idea. However, a racquet that is pre strung should have the strings replaced in a few months.

Racquet manufacturers like Wilson who make racquets for beginners do not intend these strings to last for long. An inexpensive set of syn gut strings are worth it for playing tennis at every level. A larger head does not impact the price of strings.

How Often to Re-String a Starter Racquet?

At least annually. Semi-annually if playing two or more times a week. Advanced players get new strings frequently to maintain power and spin.

Their aggressive playing style demands new strings so they can play the game at the highest level. Beginners need not worry about this as much so strings can be replaced less often.

What String Pattern Makes Sense?

Your stringing professional will know how to install the strings in your tennis racquet. Don't let terms like "open string pattern" confuse you.

That’s it.

No need to make things too complicated just yet, for your first racquet, using basic and standard string tension will do just fine.

Shopping for Racquets

The right racquet will help you hit the ball and make you a better player sooner. wants you to get the type of racquet you need regardless of your playing style. Intermediate players and advanced players will like our selection too. Don't forget the balls, shoes and even sweat bands you will need on the court. Call us with questions! We can help you play the game of tennis!

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