What is the Best Tennis Racquet Technology for you?

Every year, Tennis Racquet brands market new and enterprising tennis racquet technology for their multiple lines.  Determining what technology is best for you – and if it really makes a difference in your game – can be a harrowing and expensive experience.  

From our experience, tennis racquet technological  innovations are best used as tie breakers when determining what type of new racket you should get.  Following our Adult Tennis Racquet Buying Guide may point you in the direction of several racquets, all by different manufacturers.  So, when deciding between Head, Wilson, Babolat, Yonex and Vokl, which brand has the best new technology for your game? The following are some of the most significant tennis racket  technologies identified by Tennisracquets.com Scott Halicki that might be just the thing for you.

Power & Control – Wilson Clash

Typically, increasing stiffness and stability meant more power while sacrificing control and feel for the ball.  However, the new Wilson Clash breaks the rules with what may be the most exciting new tennis racket technology to come along in years.  The Clash blends Wilson’s StableSmart technology for stability with Wilson Free Flex, a unique carbon mapping that provides greater flexibility for increased control and feel.  The result is a revolutionary racket that offers both power and control by combining stability with flexibility in a way never seen before.   

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Weight & Balance – Graphene 360 from Head

Several Head Rackets feature Graphene 360 technology, utilizing the thinnest and strongest material on earth, Graphene, to build the shaft and to reinforce the head of the racket.  Head Graphene 360 rackets distribute the racket’s weight almost entirely to just the head and handle with almost none of the racket weight lost at the shaft. As a result, Head rackets offer true head light or head heavy ratios without wasting any of the weight at the throat.  

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Stiffness & Power – GT Technology from Babolat

Increasing the power of your swing is a goal for many players  and one of the best ways to boost power is by increasing the stiffness of your racket.  Babalot offers GT Technology to improve your power game with the stiffest racket on the market. GT Technology is a trademarked blend of of braided carbon fiber that creates unprecedented firmness within the racket structure,dramatically increasing energy transfer to your shot. 

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Spin & Versatility – Wilson Burn & Head Radical

Typically, tennis rackets have consistent string patterns, with most rackets offering either the more traditional and long lasting 18 Mains (up and down) x 20 Crosses (left to right) configuration, or the more open and spin friendly 16 x 18 or 16 x 19.  However, if spin is your game, the Wilson Burn features their Spin Effect technology with a radical 18 x 16 string pattern that produces the most dramatic RPMs on the market, increasing top spin and movement on every shot.

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Head offers a unique tennis racquet technological advancement - you can change your string pattern without having to change your racket.  Found only on rackets with ASP (Adaptive String Pattern) technology , the racket comes with an alternate grommet set giving you 2 different string patterns to choose from:  The more control and durability oriented 16 x 19, and a more open and spin generating 16 x 16 string pattern. Changing the pattern requires a restringing, but if you are looking for versatility in your racket, Heads ASP technology may be the answer.

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Increased Sweet Spot – Yonex

If you need to improve your contact point, Yonex provides a simple yet significant technological breakthrough with their Isometric Designed racket head, that significantly increases the sweetspot of the racket without having to increase the overall headsize.  This patented design simply squares off the edges of the oval shaped racket head but the difference is significant, improving your contact point success on every swing by making the sweet spot as much 7% larger compared to rackets with the same size head.

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Vibration Control – Vokl V-Feel & Wilson’s Triad & Countervail

Undoubtedly when you strike the ball, vibration will be felt in your hand, wrist and arm.  Vokl offers the most advanced and well-designed vibration controls on the market. Their V-Feel technology brilliantly channels almost all of the vibration caused by contact away from your grip improving endurance and providing relief for players with wrist and elbow issues concerns without sacrificing feel for the ball. 

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Wilson also provides vibration control with their both their Triad construction and Countervail technology.  Triad rackets decrease vibration by reconstructing the racket into the 3 parts and diverting vibration away from the grip with their Iso-Zorb damper that is placed between the head and grip of the racket. Wilson’s Countervail technology maintains the one piece racket construction while internalizing the vibration control giving the player good feel of the ball while diverting or dampening most of the vibration.  Countervail technology is only available on select Wilson Burn and Blade rackets. 

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