ProKennex Racquets

Considering the history of other famous brands, ProKennex is relatively new in the field and has made an impact. A racquet by ProKennex has a special niche: providing arm friendly comfort.

Considering the history of other famous brands, ProKennex is relatively new in the field and has made an impact. A racquet by ProKennex has a special niche: providing arm friendly comfort.

It is easy to know who owns Pro Kennex as they have had the same ownership since their founding: Kunnan Enterprise Ltd. A company headquartered in Taiwan, it was founded in 1978 and gained success in the 1980s. 

In 1980, they made the first mid-size graphite racquet. Soon thereafter, they created the first graphite squash racquet. 

Kinetic Energy Chambers

This company sees itself as a “Science & Design company” and has produced many products which are a combination of both technology and quality. Their whole objective is to produce an arm friendly racquet with world class comfort

These chambers soak up vibration like a sponge yet have more power than expected. When asking are Pro Kennex Racquets good, a big part of the answer comes from this technology. Read More


Tennis Racquets

ProKennex tennis racquets are made by using advanced technology that is suitable for players at most levels. From beginner to professional level, players will get the taste of a high-performance racquet that will give them easy access to controllable power.

Kinetic Technology

ProKennex tennis racquets features kinetic quadfocus technology. Their kinetic technology allows the racquet to transfer maximum energy to the ball and at the same time reduce the vibrations and shocks produced. This makes for a very stable hitting experience.

Most Arm Friendly Racquets

 Their kinetic technology doesn’t allow vibrations to get to the arm thus helping to keep players safer from arm injuries. This arm friendly control racquet delivers impressive power too. 

This is unlike an arm friendly racquet. Stability combined with more power is an impressive combination that will benefit intermediate and advanced players.

This impressive comfort generates amazing feel particularly for experienced players. When Pro Kennex designed this user friendly racquet, they knew those seeking an arm friendly racket would gravitate to their racquet line.

Some models also have an oversize head and extended length appreciated by savvy doubles players.

Pro Endorsing Pro Kennex

Andreas Seppi is the most high-profile player to use Pro Kennex tennis racquets. Seppi has reached a highest ranking of 18 and Round 4 appearances at Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. 

Upset Win

In 2015, he beat Roger Federer at the Australian Open in a 3rd round clash snapping the streak of eleven consecutive semi-final appearances for Roger Federer. Using surgical accuracy and big spin this match was an instant classic.

ProKennex Pickleball Paddles

ProKennex also manufactures pickleball paddles, and just like tennis racquets, the company also excels in making paddles. The new ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed pickleball paddle is one of the outcomes of their research. 

The newly-designed head size offers a wide sweet-spot in a standard length and a more efficient energy transfer to the ball. The players using this paddle will immediately love it for its good power and outstanding control especially those taking full swings at the ball.

Squash Racquets

With ultra easy access to a little more power than normal, Pro Kennex squash rackets are popular among intermediate players. The tear drop is standard for that head size.

A Sporty Race Car Cosmetic

A serious look at the Pro Kennex sleek new cosmetic appearance will yield oohs and aahs. The racecar cosmetic appearance is a nice bonus to products with an exceptional feel, buttery feedback and easy power to go with great control. 

Why Choose ProKennex Tennis Rackets?

Whether seeking controllable power, spin, or maneuverability, ProKennex could be your go-to tennis rackets. Need more help deciding which racquet is right for you? Check out our Tennis Racquet Buying Guide.

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